Thursday, July 07, 2005

Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome to Memorate

All progress depends on counterintuitive leaps into the unknown.

Memorate was founded on the belief that email management can be solved by all of us. That in the system that is sending, distributing, and sorting emails, as well as in the collective community of users that are receiving emails, lies vast untapped knowledge, behaviors, filters, priorities and ultimately, wisdom about email prioritization and decision-making that can be applied to this information overload.

By using the power of collective wisdom, Memorate improves how people interact with information. Collective wisdom provides tools to increase productivity and reduce time-burdensome information management tasks. For email, that can mean streamlining your e-mails to prioritize them by the relative rank and affinities of who sent them, or simply having certain mails automatically managed, sorted, or re-prioritized by your affinity community, before you ever even download them. Over time, this same collaboration engine can be applied to other information/communication systems such as web portals, pages, wikis, blogs, podcasts, etc.

Memorate is Hiring! We are looking for seriously passionate, creative, hard-driving people who want to improve how information moves. Please see our present job postings, or send your resume to for consideration.


The Memorate Team